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Restoration Projects

The Welsh Area Fire Engine Restoration Society was set up with the aim of preserving fire engines, equipment and miscellanea from the Principality and other areas.  We always have restoration projects on-going and visitors to the Museum can view our work in progress as well as examine completed restoration projects.  We rely heavily on donations to continue our work. Below is an example of a recent restoration project.

1939 AEC Fire Engine Restoration Project
This fire engine is currently being carefully restored to its former glory by the team of volunteers at WAFERS after being rescued from a field in New Ross in Ireland (photo 1).

Malcolm Evans of WAFERS had seen the fire engine advertised for sale by a farmer in Ireland and he was able to check the registration number in the historical records held at WAFERS. 

This search showed that the engine was originally from Aberdare in South Wales and had served at the Aberfan Disaster on the 21st October 1966. 

Fire engine in Ireland Photo 1: Rusting in a field in Ireland

After its fire fighting days were over the vehicle was sold to Peskies in Caerphilly for scrap.   It is believed to have been purchased by a Port-based company in Ireland where it was used to pump water. 

It was later purchased by a farmer in New Ross and used to pump water over the crops.  It later fell into disrepair and was left to rust in a field.

Malcolm decided to purchase the vehicle and donated it to the Museum for future generations.  A team from WAFERS went to Ireland to bring the engine home (photo 2). 

Leaving Ireland Photo 2: Homeward Bound

The fire engine was transported on a flat bed lorry to the port at Rosslare.

Stena Ferries kindly transported the fire engine from Rosslare to Fishguard in Wales free of charge (photo 3)

The engine was then transported to the WAFERS Museum near Swansea in South Wales by road.

Fire engine comes home Photo 3: Our thanks to Stena

Finally work can begin!

This painstaking project will take about two years with a team of volunteers working on the vehicle in their spare time.

All parts and materials are paid for by donations. If you would like to support our work please visit our Donations page.

The first step is to strip the old paint away as shown in Photo 4.

Paint stripped fire engine Photo 4: Restoration Begins

This project is on going.  Below are some more photos showing the state of the vehicle prior to restoration. As you can see we have a lot of work ahead of us to restore her to her former glory!  Please return in the future to see the finished project.
view examples of our Restored Fire Engines

Drivers footwell


Photo: Driver's Footwell Photo: Inside Fire Engine
For any further information please contact Malcolm Evans 01639 635761 or Ray Evans 01792 813770

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